Bold Venture Productions was established to produce and distribute family friendly films that portray strong values that inspire and enrich peoples lives. Bold Venture recognizes both the overwhelming market demand and basic human need for fun family entertainment that teaches and inspires.

In a tradition of quality educational film making that began with Jacques Yves Cousteau and Walt Disney, the company partners with some of the world's leading educators, scientists, writers, film makers, and other artists who have earned reputations for creating books and films that educate people about the universe we live in.

Led by Bold Venture's co-founder and serial entrepreneur Larry Bestor, our producing partners have created half of the world's all-time, top grossing IMAX films, as well as colorful and informative PBS television series about the planet. Our team of esteemed colleagues and consultants are among the world's leading futurists and experts in their fields, who are often called upon to consult with world leaders about major environmental and energy issues facing humanity.

Bold Venture Productions distributes its films through IMAX theaters, PBS, and direct to the public on DVD and digitally over the internet. As these films are released, we encourage you to add them to your home film collections. We know you and your families will be glad you did.

Thanks for watching and see you at the movies!

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